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Substate Reactor
MSR Corp., Department of e-virus research
Today was a relatively normal day, as far as the days went. But then nothing has really been normal since the infections. There were no major instabilities reported by any of the usual problem spots. That makes my job easier. Some days nothing works. Nothing at all. Every time I hear that another system has gone down I curse them. Now all I can do is manage the chaos that we are all now forced to live with. Being a computer analyst in today's world is like being an alchemist in the 1900's - nobody believes you when you say you have figured it out! Just when you think you've spotted some kind of pattern, the whole behaviour of the virus changes. Maybe they are right. Maybe there is no solution and I'm just fighting a hopeless battle. But there must be a way! I will not accept the death of all I have worked for to those maniacs!
We know so little about how our computers become infected that it's hard to even begin analysis. Whole systems go down for no apparent reason and then go back up without warning. Sometimes the virus only infects a single network, sometimes it can infect entire parts of the web. I just don't get it! This thing no longer behaves like a mere virus. It starts to modify it's host...into what? Every think tank on the planet has been on it since Sombulist's arrival but no substantial progress has been made on a vaccine. Some have proposed that there is none and the only solution is to kill the host! Kill the host!! And also cripple a century of progress with it!
Unacceptable. At least by me anyway. Besides, what would stop any new systems from contracting it? As far as we know any system anywhere can become infected, no matter the environment or type of connectivity. Some have proposed that it is a disease amongst machines that has developed over the decades like an emergent property. A deadly virus that grew from the complexity of the system. Well I say they are all wrong! Every night I slave at my company work station. Going over the information I've gathered time and time again. There's got to be an answer. Each night brought the same frustration and disappointment. But tonight...tonight is different. I now know something the others don't.
I know about the early experiments that took place with discrete frequency attachment. I know about the underground test labs and... Dr. Werner. Ah yes...were are you now doctor? Where are you while we fight your nemesis? The infections have, until this point, been viewed as a completely random occurrence but I have been noticing a trend develop that nobody else seems to be aware of. My acute sense of hearing noticed something during one of the infections. A rumble. Some kind of low frequency sound wave seems to be present when a system contracts the virus. It's barely audible but I can hear can feel it! Each of the six times I have observed the symptoms overtake a system, I distinctly felt a low rumbling like a very feint tremor. At first I thought nothing of it but after a few times I now wonder whether there is a connection. How can this be?... Infection using sound waves? If this was true contracting Sombulist could take place without any physical connection to the system that hosts it! All that's needed is a carefully placed frequency generator near the target system and POW! I know something the others don't doctor!
Suddenly out of nowhere the office door blasted open with a force that tore it clean from its hinges. A tall thin shadow of a man appeared where the door once stood. He was wearing a long black coat and a short black cap. Dr. Werner! how.. The figure before me spoke with a thick foreign accent, hesitating while he spoke "...good evening Dr. Freeman...forgive me for entering so dramatically but you are not exactly the easiest man to see..." He had two other men with him wearing sleek black outfits with a small insignia on the left chest. I've seen that insignia before! They're on the old holoreels I borrowed for my research on Dr. Werner. Some kind of music group...Music group!...those sounds I've been hearing! " associates and I have taken great interest in your work...we wish some information"

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